Dress to Impress at Your Next Party in Sexy Sports Costumes Nobody Can Resist.

Themed parties are here to stay, so you have to dress to impress in sexy costumes when attending a party. Decade-themed parties are constantly being held, so why not cheer for the occasion? For the Roaring ’20s, performing as a flapper straight from Chicago Skimpy sequin dresses with beaded fringes, strands of pearl, feathered headbands and boas, silk gloves, and fishnet stockings will make a city painted red and all that jazz. Guys, gussy up too because this costume isn’t just for women. Put on a zoot suit to go with a fedora with fur, and stripe your way like a cat meowing.

What Should You Wear to a Party?

Return to the ’50s diner as the sexy Sherri Cola girl in a mini short, pink, satin, sequined hat, polka dot scarf, and apron. Gussy as a sock bobby girl in a short poodle skirt, satin top, and neck scarf. Maybe you’re an aspiring model, and if so, there’s no better way to get noticed than dressing up as a pinup girl. Sock hop sweeties always gather kids, but Marilyn Monroe, honey, you dress up like her, and you can say more than “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” But there can’t be one famous star at a party without her partner in crime. Elvis Presley rocked the side and tight black leather pants, and you can for your ’50s celebrations too.

It’s all about peace and love in the ’60s. Party as a hippie in tie-dyed bell bottoms and flared shirt sleeves. It’s complete with a tufted headband and vest. There’s nothing sexier than a Go-Go girl in mini flower power, bracelets, hoops, and, of course, a pair of tall boots. This sexy costume will surely bring peace to your party. In the ’70s, disco was all about Saturday Night Fever, so Boogey down as a disco girl under blazing bells, handkerchief tops, spandex, and sparkles. But disco would be nothing without swinger Austin Powers. Complete the look with a navy suit, cravats, dicky, and ruffles galore. The Crazy ’80s were about neon colors, leggings, leg warmers, and tennis shoes. Get a sexy Flashdance costume and flaunt your body in this funky layer. Shake a mullet, like all the rock stars of today;

The Link Between Clothing Choices and the Emotional States

If you’re headed to a superhero-themed party, there are sexy costumes to accommodate whatever powers you want. Everyone will enjoy some of your poison ivies. This green-tight outfit includes a short dress, glovelettes, hair accessories, and a boot top. If I recall correctly, Wonder Woman has never looked better. Another sexy costume, or lack thereof, follows an American pattern of stars and stripes on panties, garters, and underwear tops, trimmed in gold. Hey Clark Kent, look at your body in that sexy costume. Dress up as Superman in a muscular jumpsuit, belt, and cloak, and you’ll get more than just a little Kryptonite.

Yes! Get sexy pirate costumes for the girls and make them swoon while you seduce them with your furry hat, frilly shirt, velvet coat, and belts and buckles. Maybe you’ll even find your girl wearing a sexy corset dress, bandit boots, pins, and shorts.

Of all the options mentioned, there are many more to choose from. Whether it’s the Renaissance, Egyptian, Arabic, Greek, or Roman, you can make history by wearing these risqué outfits. No matter which sexy costume you choose, you will be dressed wryly to impress.

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