Boost Your Sexy Fitness Model Body Workout With This Easy Three-Month Cycle

Forget boiler bells, free weights, and machines. We’re going to get that fitness model look with a completely different workout routine that will give your body that extra punch it’s been looking for.

If you’ve been working hard at the gym and getting great results over the last few months, but haven’t been able to achieve that hard, hungry JNL or Tyson Biggs, look, here’s a great workout that will keep your body in shape. Into high gear and supercharge your fitness model workout!

So what’s the program? Run 3 kilometers. That’s all. If all you’re doing is lifting weights and doing abdominal exercises, this 3K run (as you’ll be doing) will add that dimension to your regimen that will melt the extra layer of fat that hides your belly.

Starter program

Once a week for the first month

2nd month three times in the first two weeks and once in the last two weeks

Four times last week

This program assumes you’re new to running; it’s just a cycle lasting three months and is designed to be used only once a year if you’re lifting for a fitness model look. So here it is: I want you to start walking for 5 minutes (buy a pedometer or a runner’s watch). That’s your warm-up. After your introduction, I want you to go on an “easy run”—an easy run means running but is capable of conversation. It’s comfortable to do. You’ll make this light sprint for 1.5 km (measure it, sprint when you see a stop sign at a corner, then walk back- You won’t do a 3km run the first time you do it, especially if you are a beginner. 1km will do for a start. You will make it to Lisbon in two weeks.

Exercise During Your Period And Each Stage Of Your Cycle

Once you are comfortable running 3km once a week, I would like you to do it twice a week, and in the last week of last month, do 4x a week. If you do this program for three months, you will be amazed at the results (plus your ab workouts and sports stuff you’re regular)- plus you only need this cycle once (one cycle three months a year) to get into great fitness modeling shape for the rest of the year!

It puts your workout on a high and increases the intensity of your regular exercise. Once you’re done with the cycle, your body can’t help but improve!

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